The Best Castle in Japan
Links Himejijyo, in Himeji, Hyogo. The world heritage and the most beautiful castle in Japan. It has survived virtually intact since feudal times.   Matsuyamajyo, in Matsuyama, Ehime. The few remaining original castle occupying on a hill. Beautiful views over Matsuyama.
Kumamotojyo, in Kumamoto. Impressive sight, especially at night when it's illuminated. Famous for its curved wall.   Links Nijyojyo, in Kyoto. One of the few castle built for residence, not defense. Quintessence of Momoyama architecture.
Matsuejyo, in Matsue, Shimane. The few remaining unreconstructed original castles. Simple, but well built for practical battle use.   Links Osakajyo, in Osaka. Impresses with its sheer size. Inside is a museum detailing the life time of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the great general.
Matsumotojyo, in Matsumoto, Nagano. Known as the Crow Castle due to its color. Lots of matchlocks and samurai armor collections.      


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