The Best Gardens in Japan
Links Hama Rikyu Garden - in Tokyo. Origins back to Edo Period. Surrounded by water with tidal pool, moon-viewing pavilions and teahouses.   Korakuen Garden - in Okayama. One of the most beautiful gardens in Japan. Incorporates the surrounding hills etc into its design.
Links Katsura Rikyu Villa - in Kyoto. Designed by Japan's most famous gardener. Each step will give you a new perfect view in harmony.   Links Ryoanji Temple - in Kyoto. Japan's most famous Zen rock garden. Moss-covered boulders and raked pebbles enclosed by an earthen wall.
Links Kenrokuen Garden - in Kanazawa. One of the largest gardens in Japan. Consists of ponds, streams, rocks, mounds, trees, grass etc.   Sankei-en Garden - in Yokohama. One of the most interesting and picturesque gardens in Japan, with ponds and streams.


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