The Best Hot Springs   The Best Hot Springs
To take a bath in a hot spring (Onsen), is one of the most popular things to do in Japan. Since Japan lies in a region where several continental plates meet, the number of them is very large. It is also believed to have natural healing power, because of the rich minerals in the water.
The Best Temples   The Best Temples

Temples are the building for Buddhism, such as Hondo, and you can often see monks and nuns performing services, practices etc. Most municipalities have at least one temple, but places like Kyoto, have several of them. It is still used as monasteries. You can also see sacred Buddhist objects.

The Best Shrines   The Best Shrines
Shrines are the dwellings of the Kami (the Shinto "Gods"), and also the place to worship them. Most of their sacred objects are stored inside the shrine, where you cannot see. Some great mans souls, who served for the country, Imperial Family, are often honored as Kami.
The Best Castles   The Best Castles
During the era of the warring states (Sengoku Jidai), Japan had dozens of small states fighting each other, and the need for castles arouse for defense. After reunification, many large castles were built to symbolize the rulers power. Many were destroyed as unwelcome relicts of the feudal past, and reconstructed over the past dacades as cultural assets.
The Best Villages   The Best Villages
There are few villages beautifully preserved even from the Edo Period in Japan. With its thatch-roofed farmhouses, wooden building etc, we can promise you that you can experience and enjoy the same wonderful sceneries as the Samurais did.
The Best View   The Best View
In Japan, there is a word "Nihon Sankei" (The three most scenic places) These days, there is also "Shin Nihon Sankei" (The new three most scenic places) Japanese people have been designating the best and beautiful places, events etc. "Nihon Sankei" is probably the most famous among the many designations.
The Best Garden   The Best Garden
Japanese Gardens are well known, and also been an important art for a long time. They are normally categorized into three. Tsukiyama, a miniature reproduction of natural scenery. Karesansui, reproduction in a more abstract way by mainly using stones, sand, and often used for meditation. Chaniwa, designed to enrich tea ceremony.
World Heritage   World Heritage
There are 11 places listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Japan. Most of them are temples and ancient cities. You could see that a lot of them are list above. All of them are popular cities to visit, and we are proud to introduce them to you.


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